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Included With Every Order

You Love a Ton of Music!

Outsource the conversion of your massive Audio CD collection to digital audio formats, allowing you unbridled instant access to your music library with the least amount of effort. You can select your preferred digital output formats including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, and more! We deliver data-verified DVD-Data backups of your digital music collection, for your data storage and backup. These high-quality DVDs can be used to copy your music onto your new media PC or MP3 Player for instant access to your entire collection!

We Love Robots & Automation!

Using the latest in technology, our robotic bulk CD loaders automate most of the swapping process, working in conjunction with our exclusive software, allowing us to offer you the industry's lowest per-CD fees. We 'rip' using the latest drivers and multiple CD databases on the industry's fastest processors to ensure trouble-free and glitch-free data files that are bursting with ID3 Tag data. Our exclusive order process uses local manufacturers, instantly recycled materials, and the reliability of the US Postal Service, allowing us to offer a package price that includes safe and secure shipping in our already low price - only $70 per 100 CD's.

MP3 Technology became patent-free in the United States on April 16, 2017!

How Much Music?

Use our javascript calculator below to give you a rough estimate of the library size you can expect. Start by typing the size of your CD Collection, then select an output format. The form will auto-submit and you'll get the size in gigabytes (GB) of your new library. The file sizes are approximate, so if you think you'll need a bigger hard drive, you just might not!

Number of CD's:
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Estimated Size (GB):
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Personal Service

If you have a massive project for your radio station, university, corporation, DJ Service, government agency or just intricate order that requires a person, contact us here at Under Design and we'll be glad to help you out! We can handle all sorts of custom orders, and offer bulk discounts that fit your budget.

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CD to MP3 Package

We've altered our rates to benefit all customers with the lowest rate per CD for any size job. We no longer charge individually (only per 100), and unfortunately cannot pro-rate orders, so if you have 110 CD's, you'd need to order 2 packages to fit all your CD's. We accept homemade CD-R's with the expectation that we cannot identify each song on the disc, but that audio files will be converted and identified by track number and CD name/image.

100 CD's 'ripped' to MP3 (or AAC, OGG)
We mail you a postage-paid return mailer consisting of one 5" square cardboard box with instructions on how to pack your CD's and ordering file format options. Each box holds approximately 100 compact discs, plus or minus 5%, depending on CD thickness.
Simple Shipping
No boxes, no postage needed! We'll deliver a ready-to-fill ship kit to your door, and our flat-fee shipping includes 3-way USPS tracked shipping -- so your media is safe at every stage. Simply pack, seal and ship back to us, and we'll return it along with your Data DVD backups of your new MP3 files in 8-14 days.
CD to MP3 Packages Needed (100 CD's per box)